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Welcome Kye!

We are delighted to welcome Kye Birks to RedTech Recruitment!

In recent months, we have been promising our Graduates and Post-Docs that we will expand our geographical focus beyond Cambridge; that is exactly what Kye is here to do! So great news – we will be increasing our number of tech, science, and engineering roles across the UK! Given many of our applicants will consider roles in multiple locations this makes complete sense!

If you are a hiring manager looking for talented people emerging from STEM academia, then please reach out to Kye!
We already have the reputation for supplying some of the brightest and best into technology companies in Cambridge – all while maintaining very high morals and service standards! Kye is ready to take our recruitment mission UK wide!

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The 1st Anniversary

Local Cambridge firm, RedTech Recruitment are celebrating their one-year anniversary this December.

It certainly has not been plain sailing for the agency who help STEM graduates and Post-Docs secure their first role in industry.

Co-Founder Rebecca Mister commented:

We certainly did not envisage a global pandemic being declared 3 months into our business journey! We had some tense conversations back in March when our number of live roles dropped from 22 to only 3 pretty much overnight. Fortunately, through a lot of blood, sweat and tears we managed to turn the situation around and hit our ambitious year one target. I am now really excited for next year with a vaccine on the cards, thinking if we can achieve this in year one with Covid, what can we achieve in ‘normal’ years.

Reaching their one-year anniversary, RedTech are delighted that they have been able to support so many Graduates finding work in a tough climate, with their CV writing advice and rigorous interview prep.
RedTech have also managed to hire internally, employing a Business Support Administrator and a Recruitment Sales Executive. With plans to imminently hire a Recruitment Resourcer it is exciting times at RedTech HQ – which is not really a HQ at all as explained by Co-Founder, Robert Bull:

The original (pre-Covid) plan was to have a physical office by the end of the year. The thought of having a whole team working remotely was not one we had considered until Covid hit. Our HQ is now a 9.15am video conferencing room! Working remotely certainly
comes with its challenges – such as on-boarding new staff; however, we are constantly coming up with new ideas to make it work. We now plan to continue offering remote work, while still employing local people so we can meet up for regular catchups and team events,
offering a great work-life balance.

So, what is next on the cards for RedTech? Newest employee and Recruitment Executive, Kye Birks said:

RedTech already have the reputation for supplying some of the brightest and best into technology companies in Cambridge – all while maintaining very high morals and service standards! I am now ready to take our recruitment mission UK wide.

Rebecca and Rob are both available to answer any further questions you may have in relation to RedTech Recruitment.


Cambridge Women in Tech Event


We are excited to announce that our co-founder, Rebecca Mister is running a free ‘CV Crafting and Interview Workshop’ at the next virtual event for Cambridge Women In Tech.

6.45pm on Tuesday 24th November 2020!

Secure an early ticket today –


Cambridge Women in Technology

Writing the perfect CV has become increasingly important in the current climate. The average employer spends just 6.25 seconds reading a CV – you have only seconds to impress in a crowded market place. Therefore, Cambridge WIT is delighted to announce the next in our series of events, offering a free CV writing and interview-practice workshop. For this event we are inviting Rebecca Mister, regular CWIT attendee and co-founder of RedTech Recruitment, to delve into her 15 years of local tech recruitment knowledge.

This workshop will improve your CV to ensure you get the attention of hiring managers and impress once you secure that all important interview.

This programme will offer granular CV writing guidelines together with interview tips, then move into smaller breakout groups, where we can give each-other support and feedback, whilst offering a brilliant networking opportunity.

Whether you are currently job-seeking or may be in the foreseeable future, we would love for you to join us in this interactive webinar. We also encourage anyone in a hiring capacity to virtually attend, to offer support and guidance from your experiences as an employer. In return, you will gain insight into the current challenges the Women in Tech community are facing when searching for a new role which may help improve your recruitment process and diversity initiatives.


Top Ten Video Interview Tips

With the ever-changing workplace due to Covid we are regularly asked for advice on video interviews. Here are our TOP TEN VIDEO INTERVIEW TIPS:

Zoom Interview

1) Research!!!

Start by researching the company to display your initiative and interest in pursuing a career with the organisation.

You can look at their website, LinkedIn company page, social media, press articles, employee interviews, case studies and newsletters. Ask yourself do you know the products or services they offer, their target audience, main competitors and who they employ?

Now make notes why your skills, experience or aspirations may align to work for the company based on your research.

2) Job Spec Analysis

Analyse the job spec to match up the areas where your skills align and the areas which you need to learn.

Do not lose confidence if you only match half the ‘required’ skills. In our experience clients rarely end up hiring an exact replica of the job spec (push that imposter syndrome aside).

If you have identified the areas where you need to upskill, you can conduct some research prior to the interview on these tools, technologies, or skills. Also, try to think of instances where you have learnt similar examples in the past, so you can explain these in the interview.

3) Practice standard interview questions

A quick google will bring up general interview questions. Ask a friend of family member to do a mock interview. Even if these are not the exact questions asked it will get you into an interview mind-set. Ask for their feedback on where you could improve. Ideally, ask them to do this on a video call so we can test the next two points:

4) Where should a video interview take place?

A video interview should take place in a quiet place at home or in an office. While you can do a telephone interview in your car this looks unprofessional for a video call (unless you have agreed with the interviewer this is where the call will need to take place).

5) Set up the camera and laptop BEFORE the interview

Download any relevant software the day before the interview. Check this is functional.

Ensure your camera is angled so the interviewer can see the top half of your body and your entire face – it will be easier to read body language and looks more professional.

Check lighting i.e. do not have light/windows behind you.

6) Avoid distractions

Turn off your email and app notifications to avoid distractions. Silence your phone.

Tell your family / housemates that you have an interview, so you are not disturbed.

7) Prepare questions to ask at the end

Not just a tip for video interviews, prepare at least 5 questions to ask relating to the role and company. Have these written down in front of you.

Anyone who has interviewed potential employees will agree that individuals who fail to ask questions are rarely hired. By asking questions you effectively demonstrate your interest.

8) What to wear for a video interview?

The same as you would wear for a face-to-face interview. This is likely to be business attire – unless the company have explicitly told you to dress-down. You are very unlikely to be declined for a role for looking smart. However, we have seen people declined since the pandemic for looking overly casual, especially for client facing roles. Therefore, a shirt, blouse, smart dress, trousers etc.

Avoid wearing pyjamas on the bottom half just in case you need to get up!!

9) 5 key points for during the video interview call

  • Sound interested, energetic and enthusiastic
  • Be clear and concise in your answers; only answer what is asked
  • Never speak in a negative way about a previous employer
  • Refer throughout to the research you completed in tip 1
  • Always ask questions at the end

10) Tell the hiring manager if you are interested!

An interview is an opportunity for you to present your skills, interests, and abilities to a potential employer. It is also an opportunity for the company to “sell” you on the advantages of working with them. If you like what you have heard and want to be considered for an offer – tell them of your interest.

If working with a recruitment consultant, call them after the interview to confirm your continued interest in the position.

Didn’t get the job?

Finally, if you didn’t get the job, don’t give up. Put it down to experience and bear in mind that this process was a valuable exercise. Assess if there is anything you would change in future interviews.

We hope you found the above useful – we specialise in tech graduate recruitment, however, have tried to make the above useful to all jobseekers regardless of industry. If you are a tech graduate, we have more specific advice available. Please email us at to find out more about services.

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