Covid-19 Update

RedTech Recruitment Covid 19 Update

We wanted to let you all know of the changes we are making to our business and general wider post-academic recruitment due to Covid 19.

Changes to our business operations

We are continuing to operate with a few changes… namely remote work with spouses and small children in the background. We are set up on Teams, Zoom and most other video conferencing software so can still virtually meet you. We can’t guarantee there won’t be a BBC-style moment with children appearing on screen or squealing in the background during a phone call, but we imagine this is the new norm for millions of people!

For our candidate base (anyone emerging from academia in a STEM subject)

We are still busy recruiting for several roles. While some employers have placed roles on hold, for others it is recruitment as usual. In some cases even ramped up as they are working in industries which forsee growth given an increase in demand due to Coronavirus. Therefore, if you are leaving academia and worried about how Covid 19 will affect your career chances, please don’t give up on putting together your CV and sending it over to us. Of course, it may be a more competitive market for a few months. We are also seeing some employers make job offers with extended/flexible start dates as they are unable to get people onboarded while remote working. Therefore, you might find a delay in starting, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still apply.

Due to the Graduate area in which we recruit, we are aware that there are many people in our network are in their twenties (mature students the exception). Given this group seemingly has a much lower risk of serious complications (for those without underlying health conditions), we have written to the Government saying we will be encouraging our predominantly low risk network to volunteer. Therefore, you may wish to sign up as an NHS volunteer while you look for work

For Clients

You shouldn’t see any dip in the service we deliver. The great thing about recruitment is we can do it anywhere. We still have access to the same resources as before; we have phones, computers and 20+ years of technical recruitment experience. We are happy to help with suggestions on how you can remote your interview and onboarding processes where possible. We can’t comment too much in the employed market as that isn’t our bag, but certainly for graduates emerging from degrees through to Post-Doc Researchers where contracts are ending, it could be a great time to secure some of the best future talent while the competition is quiet.

Final note to everyone in our network

Please get in touch if we can help – whether it is support filling a role, help making applications, or just a general chat about what is happening in the market.

Stay safe and well all,

RedTech Recruitment

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